Traditional Grocery Shopping v/s Online Grocery Shopping

The internet has taken the world by storm. Its ease of access has made it extremely resourceful. Nowadays, all you need is a few clicks and keystrokes to get your groceries delivered at your doorstep. Online grocery shopping has come as a relief for homemakers who spend endless hours standing in lengthy lines at billing counters in various grocery stores. Sunday’s have become more relaxed without having to worry about not having groceries for the upcoming weeks. In 2016, India became the fifth largest online grocery retailer in Asia Pacific. Although, the kinara stores have a strong foothold and “beta (son), run to the neighbouring store and buy *insert any random item*” will probably never grow old, online store have made a cemented place for themselves.

BigBasket online grocery offers

Various online retailers like Big Basket Online Grocery Store and Grofers Offers & Discount on Online Grocery have emerged as prominent e-commerce sites delivering groceries in many Indian cities. They have saved a lot of time and money and host a variety of products for day to day use. People, especially those working in the IT or corporate sectors, are using these applications to buy groceries. These online retailing shops have made life extremely simple and easy. But every coin has two sides.

When we compare traditional grocery shopping to online grocery shopping we come across various advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Let’s break them down.

 Advantages of Traditional Grocery Shopping

  1. Personally, assess every single product –

You get to examine the contents and the ingredients of the product carefully and see if it fits your taste. You get to know if the product’s content might be harmful to you and your well-being.

  1. Trusting shopkeepers –

Many families in India have bought their groceries from a shop in their locality before the existence of these e-commerce websites and a mutual trust has been established between the shopkeeper and the consumer.

  1. Bargaining –

No shopping in India is complete without bargaining. This medium of shopping does promote a certain amount of bargaining with the shopkeepers to attain discounts at an informal level.

  1. Interaction with people –

Traditional grocery shopping promotes a healthy social life and you get to meet people with different backgrounds. Grocery shopping can also be treated as a fun group activity.

Disadvantages of Traditional Grocery Shopping

  1. Payment method –

Recent economic conditions have made cashless transactions a necessity and many local shops don’t promote this at a convenient level. Also, the stores may have the prices at a higher rate than the market retail price.

  1. Stores feel like an obstacle course –

Navigating your way through different aisles and dodging the crowd to get to your groceries is nothing short of a marathon and extremely time consuming. It requires a lot of effort and the different variety of a specific product is bemusing. This makes the entire process overwhelmingly exhausting.

  1.  Time consuming –

In-store grocery shopping requires you to spend hours in stores. You can also be lured into the temptations of buying various exuberant products you don’t actually require. Thus, traditional grocery shopping is extremely time consuming.

  1.  Carrying grocery bags –

You realize your physical strength when you have to carry all the seven grocery bags together because making a second round is just an outrageous idea. When you compare this to online grocery shopping, you prefer the latter option because it delivers right to your doorstep.

 Online shopping makes life easy

Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

  1. Extremely convenient –

Online grocery shopping has come as a relief for everyone as it saves times and is incredibly easy to use. All one needs is an internet connection or the application on their phone. Companies like Big Basket  and Grofers online store have services like time slot booking where you can schedule when your groceries are to be delivered at a time convenient to you.

  1. Limited luxury spending –

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of products you don’t need at a traditional grocery store and you end up spending more than you actually intended to. But during online shopping you can have a specific list and limit useless purchase. Which is helpful if you’re on a strict budget and you always end of buying things you have no actual use for.

  1. Various offers and coupons –

One strong plus point to online grocery shopping is the infinite offers, discounts and coupons you get. There are some or another offer always going on especially if you consider Big Basket latest Offers and Grofers. They have various coupons codes you can find online.

Disadvantages of Online Grocery Shopping

  1. No social interaction –

The advancement in technology has limited one’s world to a screen. Mundane tasks like grocery shopping is being done online and although it saves time, it also lacks social interaction.

  1. Cannot personally examine the product –

Fruits and vegetables need to be examined and there is no certain assurance of how fresh they are in online grocery shopping. And if you’re a picky person and require a specific softness to your loaf of bread then online shopping may not suit your requirements.

  1. Expensive Delivery Charges –

Delivery charges are usually based on your location and because they are delivered to your house can make it slightly expensive. And when compared to traditional grocery shopping, online grocery shopping is relatively on the pricey side. Different type of paymant option is avalible at  BigBasket and Grofers, you can pay with Paytm Offers on BigBasket by bank card.


Online grocery shopping has expanded at a tremendous rate and will continue to do so, with time. Its positive aspects drown the miniscule negative aspects making it easily accessible and user friendly.

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College Essentials Required For Every New Comer

Finally, the school rules and the uniform has no space in your college adventurous life. The college has a different environment and aura that just mesmerizes every newbie!! Though the freshers are some what hesitant in due course of time it gradually eliminates once they experience it. But, what one misses on is the daily requirements in College. It is a myth that college is all about fun because it is a true amalgamation of enjoyment and self-study which has to be undertaken seriously on a daily basis bit by bit. As the college life is all about self-service here we bring to you a list of things you should put in your bag before hand.

What are the essentials in a College life?

  • A laptop is a mandatory tool to complete your projects and assignments on time.
  • Mobile phone with best internet facility because all the schedule is sent to a common group on Whats app.
  • Backpack to keep all the required books at one place in an easy to carry way.
  • Kindle is another major essential tool to keep all the critical material handy and avoid the large piles of paper.
  • Shoes, ballets, heels, and slippers all are the major footwear essential required to keep the day stylish.
  • Comfortable clothing according to the season is a must because after 14 years in school this time feels like a treat.
  • To protect from sun scarfs and sunglasses are a must and not to be missed at all.
  • Hard disk and pen drives are surely not to be missed they are the college life-saving tools indeed.

The ongoing unending sale and major cash backs are a huge plus point in the lives of new college students. Now, they can buy the same amount of clothes at a lot more less price and with the money back. It is best to buy all the required material, products and tools beforehand to eliminate any kinds of issues that emerge in future when you might be away from home. Now, we would bring to you a brief about some selected range of products.

1. Laptop for College Student @ 18% Off + Extra Cashback

Laptops are essential because they along with references and notes are with you always and the internet libraries and other website have tools that help students’ format assignments in one gadget. Students can use the internet to speak to and communicate with family and friends without incurring huge phone bills. With a laptop, a student can take notes in class, type up assignments, share notes, and work with groups on projects.

Lenovo 100-15IBD 39.62cm Laptop (Intel Core i3, 500GB) Black

It is an example of Laptop which is ideal for students as it helps in making assignments, pie charts, spreadsheets, and presentations more fiercely than any other laptop. You can save more by ordering this laptop through Paisawapas as when you buy this  Lenovo laptop via Paisawapas your effective price after Cashback will be ₹22050.

Lenovo 100-15IBD 39.62cm Laptop

Click here to buy Lenovo 100-15IBD laptop and have a look at other such laptops.

2. Pen Drive for College Student @53% Off + Extra Cashback

The concept involved in the pen drive is that the memory is stored in the form of the array where in the information or the data is stored. This helps you save a large amount of data at the same place without getting confused in the piles of paper in future. The small size of the pen drive and the amount of data that can be accommodated in a pen drive are not comparable to any other storage device. Pen drives are not affected by dust, water, and fungus, which is the case with many floppy disks which makes it handleable for the students.

SanDisk Dual Drive 32 GB Pen Drive (Black)

This Pendrive has an immense amount of 32 Gb storage space for students. As it is a SanDisk product the compromisation is in quality is not an option. Also, due to its effective size, it can be carried in pockets easily. The product which was initially of Rs 1500 is now available at a price of Rs 689 merely after a heavy discount of 53% and Extra Cashback from Paisawapas.

SanDisk Dual Drive 32 GB Pen Drive

Click here to buy SanDisk Dual Drive 32 Gb with other hard disks of same genre.

3. Backpack for College Students @ 70% Off

Backpack’s function is itself the most common is to bring a book, bring a laptop and other personal equipment. Today, the backpack has become a trendsetter where be it boys or girls everyone wants to have a small backpack which is stylish and comfortable to carry the whole day in college. There are a lot of designs and style in a backpack that can be availed easily but subtle ones are an all the time ready to go. A student cannot always carry a stylish bag there are times where it becomes utmost essentiality to carry much stronger bag.

City Backpacks by Estrella Companero

It is a light-weight and affordable backpack for everyday use. It offers a style and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. This sleek and cool looking bag is not only stylish but also boasts of great functionality at an affordable price. The backpack is furnished with High quality of Polyester exteriors, the bag comes with a neat design that gives it a pleasing look. The interiors also come with a polyester finish and are provided with a padded compartment that helps protect your belongings from any external pressure. This product after a discount of 70% on Rs 1999 and an Extra Cashback by Paisawapas is available just at Rs 585.

City Backpacks by Estrella Companero at Flipkart

Click here to buy City Backpacks by Estrella Companero at discount prices. ALso, check other styles.

4. Mobile Phone for College Students @ Upto Rs 6500 Off

Hand phone, cell phones or handset has been the one of necessity rather than a desirable in our lives in this modern day. Nowadays, hand phone has been an affordable gadget for everybody and the parent can effort to buy a hand phone for their children.  They allow students who don’t have a watch to keep track of the time so they can be punctual to their lessons, and phones have an alarm function to make sure they wake up on time each morning.

Moto C Plus (Starry Black, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM)

This phone has been launched recently in India with outstanding features. It comes with a 5-inch HD IPS LCD. Capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels at a pixel density of 294 pixels per inch. The Moto C Plus runs Android 7.0 OS and is powered by a 4000 mAh battery. It is a Single/ Dual SIM Smartphone, and connectivity options on the Moto C Plus include, GPS, HotSpot, Wifi, and Bluetooth.There is an amazing exchange offer on the phone which gives a discount of Up to Rs 6500 on the phone worth of Rs 6999 + Extra Cashback on Paiswapas.

Moto C Plus Smartphone

Click here to buy all New Moto C Plus and go through other moble phones as well.

5. Shoes for College Students @ Rs 399

Comfort is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “sneakers”. They are indeed very comfortable to wear.  They provide support for the feet while doing strenuous activities like running, playing various sports and doing high-impact exercises. The injury is prevented because the sneakers provide support for the feet.  They can be worn to different types of activities and attire.

Yepme Sneakers on Flipkart

Red is a color which makes the wearer center point of attraction. Just keeping the same in mind we have designed this ravishing pair, which will give a good match to all your vibrant outfits. Buy as soon as you can and team up with a pair of red polo and black denim. After the 20% off and extra cashback, these amazing sneakers are available at just Rs 384.

Yepme Sneakers offers on Flipkart

Click here to buy Yepme Sneakers Shoes at Offers.


We hope you have an amazing year of college because it is a one time experience in itself without any hurdle. The freedom and responsibility that one engages in the learning are marked throughout the life. Don’t forget to keep these essentials in your bags. Keep Shopping and Keep smiling!!

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Rakhi Offers!! Buy best Rakhi with Gifts at Lowest Price

Flipkart Fashion Trends SALE!!

Rakhi Offers!! Buy best Rakhi with Gifts at Lowest Price for your loved ones.

Raksha Bandhan is on its way heading towards us. This is the festival of love, sweetness, and engraving childhood. However, a brother has grown up the sister still remains his own little child whom he has protected throughout his life. On this occasion, every sister is teary eyed as she is overwhelmed with the abundance of love she feels for her brother. Raksha Bandhan this time would be celebrated on 7th August 2017. Well!! Why are we here? We are here to bring you the best possible deals to make your Rakhi even more fruitful.

Why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as the day where a sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist as a symbol of protection while he promises to protect and take care of her.

  • Indrani tied a thread given to her by Lord Vishnu around her husband Lord Indra’s wrist to protect him from demons.
  • Brihaspati (guru of the gods), prepared a Raksha Sutra for Lord Indra and told him to wear it for protection.
  • Lord Krishna cut his finger and was bleeding profusely. Seeing this, Draupadi tore a part of her sari and tied it around his finger.
  • Rakhi saved Alexander The Great’s life. When he had invaded India, his wife Roxana had sent a rakhi to the Katoch King Porus.

These are few of the legends behind the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Now, let us look at some amazing Amazon India offers & discount at Rakhi.

Rakhi for Kids

Amazon offers on Doraemon rakhiRakhi offers online with amazon

1.LED Light Rakhi For Kids @ Rs 185

These kids Rakhi are offered by Urvi creation on Amazon. Available in the shape of Doraemon for boys and in the shape of Hello Kitty for girls. These days Kids look forward to gadgets in everything for which this Rakhi suits them perfectly with amazement of the glinting LED Lights in their Rakhi Bads at night making the more close to their hearts undoubtedly. Not only this, Urvi collection also lets you send this to your brother who is sitting far with Roli and tilak from their own side.

Click Here to buy these amazing kids Rakhi.

2.Spiderman Rakhi For Kids @ 50% Off

Spiderman has captured the heart of every kid long back which is the reason Meenaz merchandise has put a sale on them. Yes!! Now you can fulfill the wish of your kid by bringing the Spiderman Rakhi for him or her. These Rakhis are available at a minimal price of 249 after a huge discount of 50% off. To add up a surprise for your kid you can even gift wrap the Rakhi free of cost. Hurry up!! before the one you want is already taken.

Click here to buy Spiderman Rakhi.

3. Minion Rakhi with Snack Box and Water Bottle @ Rs 359

In this Offer, the package contains Kids Snack Box with Water Bottle, 1 Rakhi, 1 Roli, Chawal, and Chandan pouches. This deal has almost every possible product required for the ritual of Raksha Bandhan. What puts an extra light here is the multi color box and bottle that can be utilized in the child’s school days. The new session, new bottle, and a new box can make every kid happy. It is a true happiness deal to speak about in school with friends even. Don’t miss the chance to amaze your kid. 

Click here to buy Minion Rakhi Pack.

Rakhi For Brothers

     Rudraksha Rakhi online for brothersDesigner Crystal Studded Rakhi for Brother at Amazon

1.Rudraksha Rakhi For Brother @ Rs 399

It is a Set of 3 Rudraksha Rakhis. This designer Rakhi comes with a Complimentary Roli, Chawal, Chandan & Mishri pouches. Each Rakhi comes with a signature message card nicely locked in a transparent bag. An example of the message inside the packet “A 5-year-old asked her big brother “What is Love?” one day. He replied:”Love is when you steal my chocolate from my school pack every day… and I still keep it in the same place.”

Click Here to buy this Rakhi Set.

2.Crystal Rakhi For Brother @ 80% Off

This is our favorite deal on Amazon where a discount of 80% on the Rakhi Combo reduced the price from Rs 1898 to Rs 299 Only. It consists of Designer Crystal Studded Rakhi for Brother with Roli Chawal and Happy Rakshabandhan Greeting Card, and “One in a Million Brother with Awesome Moustache” Printed 12×12 Cushion. Isn’t it the best combo you have come across for you protective brother?

Click Here to buy this Rakhi Combo.

3.Set Of 12 Dora Rakhis @ Rs 250

Have you ever purchased Rakhis at such a lower price? But. Amazon has always thought about its customers. This set consists of precious rakhi for our precious brothers. It comes with a rice & kumkum and an attractive best wishes card. The Rakhis are made of High-Quality Material. The designer patterns in the aesthetic style with shimmering glimpse highlights the true beauty of this traditional thread. The package contains 12 Rakhi, 1 Greeting Card, 1 Roli Chawal pouch.

Click here to buy Dora Rakhi set.

Rakhi For Bhabhi

                                           bhabhi rakhis online offersbhabhi rakhis discount offers online

1. Pearl Rakhi For Bhabhi @ Rs 299

A beautiful set of bhabhi rakhis traditionally designed with pearls, stones, and American diamonds to make it unique in its own way. Free Roli, Chawal and Chandan pouches go along with this product. Let you bhabhi feel the love and extend a hand of friendship with her this Raksha Bandhan. Rakshi can be seen as an opportunity to amend, renew as well as start a new beautiful relation with the loved one. So, Why miss it?

Click here to buy Pearl Rakhi.

2.Handcrafted Rakhi For Bhabhi @ 75% Off

It is an exclusive handcrafted designer bracelet Rakhi traditionally known as band moli bracelet.  This multi color Rakhi is available in the brass material for a longer sustenance just similar to the promising relation. However, this Rakhi is to be kept away from sprays, water, and other corrosive liquids just as negativity in a pure togetherness. This Rakhi represents the culture of Rajasthan at its best.

Click here to buy Handcrafted Rakhi.

3.Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Combo @ Rs 849

A beautiful memory to bhaiya bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan and a great addition to brother’s and sister in law’s wrist. These are colorful premium handmade Zardozi Rakhi. The package contains  1 Bhaiya Bhabhi(Lumba) Rakhi set, 2 Coffee Mugs(325ml Each), 1 bookmark, 1 Roli Pack & 1 Chawal Pack. The entire range of these rakhis have been created by the self-help women group in Uttar Pradesh and are entirely handwoven. So, Why not put a smile on their faces as well?

Click here to buy Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Combo.


How to avail these offers?

  • The discounts in this sale offer are available for all the customers. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.
  • Simply, visit the sections of different categories and choose your preferred products or Simply click on the link given with every product.
  • Add the selected product to your cart and select checkout.
  • The present discounts on products are applied by default and do not require any coupon code to be added. You will get Extra Cashback with

Hope you like the aforementioned deals of Rakhis. May this Raksha Bandhan be fruitful for you and your family. Don’t miss out these amazing products at your door steps. Now, don’t let the rainy season spoil your rakhi plans. We will soon be back with more Rakhi Offers on your bucket list till then girls think about what you need as your Rakhi Gift. Happy Shopping. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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Flipkart Fashion Trends SALE!!

Flipkart Fashion Trends SALE!! This Time Best Outfit Is Yours At More Than 70%

Shop now!! The introduction of GST has put almost all the brands in the sale bucket. Certainly, everyone is looking forward to purchasing stuff at tremendous discounted prices available across the web world. Flipkart brings to you the trendiest fashion sale, therefore, If you have certain products in your wish list waiting for some exciting deals, then this is your time to buy everything you wanted. Treat yourself with ongoing sale of 40% to 90% off having lowest prices, money back guarantee, easy returns, EMI options, and cash on delivery only at Flipkart. Look the trendiest in the forthcoming festive season and let them wonder where did you buy that outfit.

Flipkart has announced a largest sale on the biggest brands such as Adidas (Minimum 40% off), Puma (70% Off), United Colors of Benetton (Up to 70% off), Daniel Klein (Minimum 60% off), Arrow, Blackberry, Forever 21 (Up to 60% off), Tommy Hilfiger (40-80% Off) naming a few.

Flipkart Get the look Sale:-

The aforementioned sale gives an opportunity to buy the complete look for an occasion culminaTed at a single page on huge discounts. Flipkart fashion trends sale offers a complete look section based on the occasions such as for Best Friend’s Wedding, Movie Date, Nine to Five hectic working hours, Match Night to support your team, and also an after party looks to impress the crowd till the end.

Flipkart offers on women saree

Bollywood Embroidered Net Saree @ 66% off

Flipkart fashion sale allows you to be your festive best in this half & half saree having a net skirt and Lycra pallu. Intricate gold & cream floral chain-stitch embroidery adorns the pleats. The golden gold zari border throughout saree gives the saree a regal look. To give an elegant look, wear this saree with statement earrings, gold bangles, the statement ring and high heels. The saree can also give a festive look if you pair this saree with a long necklace, earring tops, and oversized nose ring.

  • Product Description:-
    • The breathtaking saree is made of the fabric Net & Jacquard fabric.
    • This heavy embroidered saree can be only dry cleaned.
    • The famishing length of the saree is over 5.5 meters suitable for every body type.
    • A self-attached blouse piece of 80 cm comes with this embellished saree.
    • The seller also gives an option to choose from for available colors depending on your own preferences.

Sapatos Sneakers

Sneakers are the one fashion necessity of this era as they have taken a toll on the fashion industry. By wearing this pair of canvas shoes at Flipkart fashion sale on Shoes one feels comfortable and at the same time looks stylish. These are very smart pieces bringing out the fashionistas inside you. Also, sneakers go well with both casual and formal outfit.

  • Product Description:-
    • The most wanted white color which is probably on all the wishlists.
    • Sapatos Sneakers have a 2 inch Heel adding grace to the lady.
    • This shoe pair is made up of synthetic leather inside out with a solid pattern.
    • A comfortable cushion inside the shoe prevents any discomfort caused by the minimal heel.
    • Available in two beautiful subtle colors golden and white.

Veni Vidi Vici Casual Short Sleeve Printed Women’s Multicolor Top

The crop top at Flipkart fashion sale is sultry, sophisticated and superbly designed with a cold shoulder and slit sleeve. The top by is exactly what a girl wants to wear on a movie date. If teamed up with a high waisted skirt and statement jewelry it will surely blow the mind of your spouse. The exquisite prints are sure to send your heart thumping.

  • Product Description:-
    • The heart-wrenching crop top is regular machine wash.
    • It has a round neck and short designed sleeve.
    • Keeping in mind the current fashion trends Crepe fabric is used in the top.
    • Available in black and white universal colors which can be easily worn with any bottom.

Flipkart discount on Kundan and Pearl Necklace Set

Kundan and Pearl Necklace Set @ 68% off

The jewel piece is very artfully designed. A Kundan and Pearl necklace set from Flipkart fashion sale add a hint of raw ethnic beauty to any look. Zaveri represents here a classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and feminine elegance, this set will definitely be a treasured inclusion in every woman’s jewelry collection. The necklace produces the picture of true traditions, cultures, and authenticity of India.

  • Product Description:-
    • A perfect combination of Gold Kundan and White pearls sequins.
    • The necklace is made of Zinc alloy eliminating the fear of getting black or rotten.
    • It comes with a complete earring & necklace set coated with 18K Yellow Gold.
    • Zaveri Pearls collection can be seen in major TV Serials of Balaji Telefilms on the neck of your favorite heroine.

Young Trendz Printed Men’s Round Neck Blue T-Shirt @ 60% off

If you are looking to be a trendsetter when you go out to the fanciest of parties on a weekend, Flipkart has just the range of apparel that ensures you’d never miss that admirable glance or compliment. And if dressing up on Saturday nights are simply not your thing, be sure to check out Flipkart’s entire range of casuals amongst a host of other clothing to help you dress or suit up just the way you like.

  • Product Description
    • It is a regular fit and round neck T-shirt.
    • The product is all over printed with a catchy slogan and is available in four colors.
    • This T-Shirt has a narrow half sleeve bringing out that shaped forearms at its best.
    • It can be washed in machine gently with mild washing powder to prevent the fading of color.

Lee Skinny Jeans For Men @ 60% off

The following pair of jeans gives a clean and appreciative look due to the light fade that it foreshadows in its color combination. It is comfortable piece available at Flipkart fashion sale as it is made up of hundred percent cotton fabric. Lee is one of the oldest and most trusted brands selling jeans from a very long period. There are a few constant customers that Flipkart has observed for this brand which totally satisfies the consumer.  

  • Product Description:-
    • Available in 7 different shades gives the power to opt for the best suitable color.
    • The jeans can be washed at home, recommended to not use bleach on it and dry in shade to prevent the fading away of color.
    • It can be Iron steamed easily.
    • Available in size 32,34,36, and 38 on the Flipkart store.

Offers on Men Jeans online

Flipkart always comes up with amazing discounts for its customers. You will get the best price only on your favorite essentials on Flipkart. Flipkart fashion SALE gets you the price like nowhere else on your products. Top quality clothing from the best brands are available at heavy discounts in this sale. Do not miss this offer!! Dress like party or event ready sitting at home itself. Huge Discount not meant to be missed!!

You can also check out more online fashion Website at  for Extra Cashback like Myntra offers on Women Clothes & Ajio Coupon Codes.

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Trendy Colors for this Summer season


Shopclues Sunglasses Sale!! Grab your best payers at over 80% off

Beyond being one of the summer’s trendiest accessories, sunglasses are easily the most practical. Shopclues being among the top online fashion store offers you the most desirable summer accessory and necessity at the best price with a wide range of brands to opt from. The Shopclues sunglasses sale offers a wide range of collections to choose from with an unimaginable less price. Get your hands on the collection of latest sunglasses available at Shopclues at 80% discount starting from price as low as Rs99 only.

Shopclues Sunglasses Offer:-

Shopclues sales have time and again come up with its most loved customers with the most desired surprises. Shopclues sunglasses sale this time brings a large discount on sunglasses with a 100% surety. The brands such as Fastrack, Under Armour, Eagle’s Eye, Cocoons are all under this massive sale.

  • Up to 96% discount on Derry Sunglasses.
  • MTV Roadies Sunglasses as low as 600 Rs for the youngsters.
  • Bike Sunglasses just at Rs 99.
  • Fastrack Sunglasses for only 700 Rs.
  • Minimum 19% off on Eagle’s Eye.

Wayfarer Sunglasses:-

Wayfarers are the most in trend sunglasses which are being sported by celebrities day today in the newspapers. These sunglasses can be yours as Shopclues offer these pairs to you at the starting price of 159 Rs by Polo House USA and other brands with a minimum discount of 63%.

1.Derry  Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black @ Rs 169

This Shopclues wayfarer eyeglass frame for men from the Storehouse of DERRY is stylish and useful at the same time. It has a frame featuring full rim will flatter every kind of face shape with absolute perfection.

  • Product Description:-

The sunglasses by Derry which give a sporty look are also available in multi colors. They are made to fit on every face shape. The nonmetallic silicon material is used to offer maximum comfortability and flexibility. However, not to worry the material is used for the best quality by one of the best selling sunglass merchants at Shopclues.

2.Polo House USA Wayfarer Sunglasses for Kids @ Rs 159

Get your kids to stand out this summer!! These stylish sunglasses at Shopclues by Polo House USA are designed specially keeping in mind the toddlers. Wayfarers are a nice fusion of colors for the fashion conscious Kids. This type of sunglasses allows being stylish, this season without any compromise with the eye.

  • Product Description:-

The following deal brings you a perplexing off more than 63%. These perfect pair of sunglasses at Shopclues is UV resistant to protect the eyes of your kids. The material used in this heat resisting product make it lightweight and reduces any excessive burden on the eyes of your kid. We all know how naughty our children can get, therefore, Shopclues offer sunglasses that are shatterproof. Available in all bright colors such as pink, blue, yellow, green to match the interests of the child.


Aviator Sunglasses:-

Your eyes can be much comfortable with the use of aviator sunglasses and can help in reducing the stress associated with the eyes when it gets exposed to sunlight.  Another major pro associated with aviator sunglasses is the reduction in glaring while retaining contrast, unlike the lenses that are polarized. When you are using the mirror glasses, there is a possibility for you to use different colors so that you can look stylish with any of the outfits that you wear.

1.MTV Roadies Sunglasses @ 24% off

The following amazing aviator sunglasses at the Shopclues sale are designed for fashionable youth by very own manufactures MTV Roadies. These sunglasses feature a metal frame with a full-rim which durable and look sleek as well. This perfect pair is high in demand due to the stylish UV-protected lens.

  • Product Description:-

MTV Roadies has always been close to the heart of youngsters. The young people look around for its merchandise, but Shopclues brings to you the MTV Roadies Sunglasses at a discount making it more pocket-friendly. These are worth buying Unisex sunglasses. Having sleek polycarbonate metal rims these are feasible and fits the face shape. Also, the product is comfortable to wear for long hours.

2.Fastrack Aviator Girl Sunglasses @ 30% off.

These sunglasses are available in a beautiful combination of silver and purple. The tinted glasses are trendy, sleek and subtle glasses which can be worn with any outfit. Fastrack is one of the most trusted brands and hence there cannot be any question upon its comfortability.

  • Product Description:-

Fastrack is the most wanted seller as it has proved its authenticity on all of its product range by sustaining in the market for a long period of time. The aviator sunglasses are made of fiberglass which prevents them from breaking when they fall from a height. They have a medium frame which makes them not too large for smaller face or too small for a slightly heavier face. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses:-

The cat eye is a timeless women’s sunglasses style interpreted in various stylish ways by our leading fashion designers, which makes cat eye shades a versatile accessory piece that anyone, no matter personal style, can wear! Cat eye sunglasses are rooted from the 50s/early 60s fashion, adding a chic touch of glam and vintage to your look.

Sunglasses offers on Shopclues

1.Joe Black Cateye Sunglasses @ 84% off:-

Shop clues sunglasses offer to look cool and stylish as you make your way to your date by wearing these Cateye style sunglasses from Joe Black. They are made of hard plastic make the tough in this harsh summer time. The summer product is of the best quality solely made for the protection from harmful radiation that affects our sensitive eye.

  • Product Description:-

Joe Black is emerging as one of the best-selling fashion and accessories merchandise by offering the greatest options available in terms, of style, size, and colors to match the best needs of its customers. The best part about these sunglasses available at Shopclues is that they are available in almost all the possible subtle colors to match the nude color fashion which is in trend.

2.Scott Cateye Unisex Sunglasses @ 82% discount

These pairs of sunglasses at Shopclues are designed for fashionable youth by Scott. They are featuring a plastic frame with full-rim, ensuring durability and sleek look as well. Not to end, but, these are fitted with UV-protected lenses as well. Aren’t they best purchase at an amazing price?

  • Product Description:-

These sunglasses have a full rim which covers the entire eyes and protects from any dust coming into the eyes. The Scott’s pair of cat-eye tinted glasses is of beautiful purple and black color combination. They are extremely comfortable Unisex sunglasses with a medium frame.

Round Sunglasses:-

Round Sunglasses at Shopclues has remained a bestseller for a longer period as it completely covers the eyes, giving a wholesome look to the face. They go for a fuller face to long face depending on the size which fits perfectly. These aforementioned sunglasses are high in trend worldwide with maximum options available in terms of designs.

Shopcluse offers on sunglasses

1.Eddy’s Round Mercury sunglass @ 60% off

While Adventure lovers can go for sports look in the Shopclues sunglasses with thin, sleek lenses the frames can be large or small, thick or skinny and plastic or metal. Note that the products are comfortable to wear and offer 100 percent protection from Ultraviolet Rays. Fashionistas get ready to beat the heat with trendy Shopclues sunglasses available in various colors, shapes, and sizes only at Eddy’s Eyecare. Established in 2013, an online eyewear brand, offers a variety of stylish sunglasses both for men and women at quite pocket-friendly prices.

  • Product Description:-

These are the best pair of Sunglasses at Shopclues for the young college going generation as it can be at best used for the casual and party purposes. The said tinted glasses go best with the hectic and carefree life of the youngster by providing maximum safety from the harmful radioactive rays.

2.Bm Fashion Brown Round Sunglasses @ Rs 299

“Bm fashion” is the brand name of new designs, high-quality frame material, and trendsetting apparels. This UV protection from the house of Bm fashion, makes you feel comfortable and ensures that you had never missed the best compliments from viewers.

  • Product Description:-

The forenamed stylish pair of sunglasses is brown in color with a free size that can be worn by and face shape or size. These amazing Unisex pairs are available in the best possible designs. Also, they give you an opportunity to change the frame color as and when you get bored with the previous one. Yes!! You heard it right, they are changeable frames.


The online sale on the summer sunglasses at Shopclues is available for a limited period of time, so do not miss the sale anyhow. There are large no. of brand available to be checked out. Hurry!! Up before the one you want is already taken by someone else. Make this summer a trendy summer by sporting that best pair of sunglasses by maintaining the health issues at the same time with free shipping on all Shopclues sunglasses.

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