6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pain During Periods

You must have encountered a gazillion myths that have been circulating about exercise during that time of the month. Some would agree on it being beneficial while the others may deny it. Well, it is actually a good thing to workout a bit during menstruation. It not only keeps you energetic and light headed all day long but also helps along in getting rid of those nerve blasting cramps and all the uneasiness that we girls face during our period!Periods cramp remedies

Working out is beneficial

It may seem like the last thing you want to do on your period, but when you exercise, it helps relieving the symptoms that make your periods annoying in the first place. Say, when you workout, your body releases a hormone called endorphin which helps reduce stress, cramps, headaches and the pain associated with periods. Exercises may cause some inconvenience but someone great has said ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’! Light exercises and a bit of yoga can help you manage your menstruation cycle and will also higher your pain tolerance. Also, the more active you are and the more you stick to your daily routine, the better it is cope up with your periods.

girls Workouts for Weight Loss

Wear the right clothes!

While working out at that time of the month you should consider wearing dark colored clothes, in case you do face an accident of some sort, you can use the shirt tied around your waist. Tight pants, shorts are a big NO NO! They will pain you down with those tight fittings around your already tight and paining stomach. Try wearing sweatpants and loose t-shirts and sweatshirts…

Increased power

During our menstruation cycle (and a week after that), our estrogen and progesterone hormones levels lower down and increase your strength and endurance giving you a chance to push up your workout limits and also help in recovering faster. So, get yourselves ready to pull those weights off!!

A few Workouts to start with

Girls running exercise for periods

You might wanna ditch your gym but ditching ain’t achieving! Start up with some light exercises. Do some light cardio or stretching – have a 30 minute walk (maintaining the difficult level and a constant speed) OR running. You can also do power yoga (avoiding the inverted positions as it will hamper the heavy flows). If you don’t feel like exercising at all, you can try out Aerobics and Dancing too. Lose yourself to the beats of the music! If you feel extremely awful, then just have quiet time in with your DVDs and popcorn.

Eat healthy! Stay hydrated!

Exercises alone can do no miracle if your diet isn’t healthy. It is very important to have a light and balanced diet during periods to avoid sluggishness and depression. Avoid salty foods, too much sugar, alcohol and caffeine as well. Have a diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, and drink loads of water. Add a glass of milk to your diet to relieve pain. Aloe-Vera juice with honey is also known to ease the flow.

Take the some rest

It’s completely fine to take a week off if you are feeling totally miserable. Listen to your body! Take time off OR you can also reduce the intensity of the workout you do. Don’t push yourself too hard on the limits. After all, Exercising out isn’t all about putting yourself through miserable workout sessions.



So, girls! Here’s everything you need to know. Do drop your queries related to the blog in the comment section and tell me how you like it!

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