Shopclues Sunglasses Sale!! Grab your best payers at over 80% off

Beyond being one of the summer’s trendiest accessories, sunglasses are easily the most practical. Shopclues being among the top online fashion store offers you the most desirable summer accessory and necessity at the best price with a wide range of brands to opt from. The Shopclues sunglasses sale offers a wide range of collections to choose from with an unimaginable less price. Get your hands on the collection of latest sunglasses available at Shopclues at 80% discount starting from price as low as Rs99 only.

Shopclues Sunglasses Offer:-

Shopclues sales have time and again come up with its most loved customers with the most desired surprises. Shopclues sunglasses sale this time brings a large discount on sunglasses with a 100% surety. The brands such as Fastrack, Under Armour, Eagle’s Eye, Cocoons are all under this massive sale.

  • Up to 96% discount on Derry Sunglasses.
  • MTV Roadies Sunglasses as low as 600 Rs for the youngsters.
  • Bike Sunglasses just at Rs 99.
  • Fastrack Sunglasses for only 700 Rs.
  • Minimum 19% off on Eagle’s Eye.

Wayfarer Sunglasses:-

Wayfarers are the most in trend sunglasses which are being sported by celebrities day today in the newspapers. These sunglasses can be yours as Shopclues offer these pairs to you at the starting price of 159 Rs by Polo House USA and other brands with a minimum discount of 63%.

1.Derry  Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black @ Rs 169

This Shopclues wayfarer eyeglass frame for men from the Storehouse of DERRY is stylish and useful at the same time. It has a frame featuring full rim will flatter every kind of face shape with absolute perfection.

  • Product Description:-

The sunglasses by Derry which give a sporty look are also available in multi colors. They are made to fit on every face shape. The nonmetallic silicon material is used to offer maximum comfortability and flexibility. However, not to worry the material is used for the best quality by one of the best selling sunglass merchants at Shopclues.

2.Polo House USA Wayfarer Sunglasses for Kids @ Rs 159

Get your kids to stand out this summer!! These stylish sunglasses at Shopclues by Polo House USA are designed specially keeping in mind the toddlers. Wayfarers are a nice fusion of colors for the fashion conscious Kids. This type of sunglasses allows being stylish, this season without any compromise with the eye.

  • Product Description:-

The following deal brings you a perplexing off more than 63%. These perfect pair of sunglasses at Shopclues is UV resistant to protect the eyes of your kids. The material used in this heat resisting product make it lightweight and reduces any excessive burden on the eyes of your kid. We all know how naughty our children can get, therefore, Shopclues offer sunglasses that are shatterproof. Available in all bright colors such as pink, blue, yellow, green to match the interests of the child.


Aviator Sunglasses:-

Your eyes can be much comfortable with the use of aviator sunglasses and can help in reducing the stress associated with the eyes when it gets exposed to sunlight.  Another major pro associated with aviator sunglasses is the reduction in glaring while retaining contrast, unlike the lenses that are polarized. When you are using the mirror glasses, there is a possibility for you to use different colors so that you can look stylish with any of the outfits that you wear.

1.MTV Roadies Sunglasses @ 24% off

The following amazing aviator sunglasses at the Shopclues sale are designed for fashionable youth by very own manufactures MTV Roadies. These sunglasses feature a metal frame with a full-rim which durable and look sleek as well. This perfect pair is high in demand due to the stylish UV-protected lens.

  • Product Description:-

MTV Roadies has always been close to the heart of youngsters. The young people look around for its merchandise, but Shopclues brings to you the MTV Roadies Sunglasses at a discount making it more pocket-friendly. These are worth buying Unisex sunglasses. Having sleek polycarbonate metal rims these are feasible and fits the face shape. Also, the product is comfortable to wear for long hours.

2.Fastrack Aviator Girl Sunglasses @ 30% off.

These sunglasses are available in a beautiful combination of silver and purple. The tinted glasses are trendy, sleek and subtle glasses which can be worn with any outfit. Fastrack is one of the most trusted brands and hence there cannot be any question upon its comfortability.

  • Product Description:-

Fastrack is the most wanted seller as it has proved its authenticity on all of its product range by sustaining in the market for a long period of time. The aviator sunglasses are made of fiberglass which prevents them from breaking when they fall from a height. They have a medium frame which makes them not too large for smaller face or too small for a slightly heavier face. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses:-

The cat eye is a timeless women’s sunglasses style interpreted in various stylish ways by our leading fashion designers, which makes cat eye shades a versatile accessory piece that anyone, no matter personal style, can wear! Cat eye sunglasses are rooted from the 50s/early 60s fashion, adding a chic touch of glam and vintage to your look.

Sunglasses offers on Shopclues

1.Joe Black Cateye Sunglasses @ 84% off:-

Shop clues sunglasses offer to look cool and stylish as you make your way to your date by wearing these Cateye style sunglasses from Joe Black. They are made of hard plastic make the tough in this harsh summer time. The summer product is of the best quality solely made for the protection from harmful radiation that affects our sensitive eye.

  • Product Description:-

Joe Black is emerging as one of the best-selling fashion and accessories merchandise by offering the greatest options available in terms, of style, size, and colors to match the best needs of its customers. The best part about these sunglasses available at Shopclues is that they are available in almost all the possible subtle colors to match the nude color fashion which is in trend.

2.Scott Cateye Unisex Sunglasses @ 82% discount

These pairs of sunglasses at Shopclues are designed for fashionable youth by Scott. They are featuring a plastic frame with full-rim, ensuring durability and sleek look as well. Not to end, but, these are fitted with UV-protected lenses as well. Aren’t they best purchase at an amazing price?

  • Product Description:-

These sunglasses have a full rim which covers the entire eyes and protects from any dust coming into the eyes. The Scott’s pair of cat-eye tinted glasses is of beautiful purple and black color combination. They are extremely comfortable Unisex sunglasses with a medium frame.

Round Sunglasses:-

Round Sunglasses at Shopclues has remained a bestseller for a longer period as it completely covers the eyes, giving a wholesome look to the face. They go for a fuller face to long face depending on the size which fits perfectly. These aforementioned sunglasses are high in trend worldwide with maximum options available in terms of designs.

Shopcluse offers on sunglasses

1.Eddy’s Round Mercury sunglass @ 60% off

While Adventure lovers can go for sports look in the Shopclues sunglasses with thin, sleek lenses the frames can be large or small, thick or skinny and plastic or metal. Note that the products are comfortable to wear and offer 100 percent protection from Ultraviolet Rays. Fashionistas get ready to beat the heat with trendy Shopclues sunglasses available in various colors, shapes, and sizes only at Eddy’s Eyecare. Established in 2013, an online eyewear brand, offers a variety of stylish sunglasses both for men and women at quite pocket-friendly prices.

  • Product Description:-

These are the best pair of Sunglasses at Shopclues for the young college going generation as it can be at best used for the casual and party purposes. The said tinted glasses go best with the hectic and carefree life of the youngster by providing maximum safety from the harmful radioactive rays.

2.Bm Fashion Brown Round Sunglasses @ Rs 299

“Bm fashion” is the brand name of new designs, high-quality frame material, and trendsetting apparels. This UV protection from the house of Bm fashion, makes you feel comfortable and ensures that you had never missed the best compliments from viewers.

  • Product Description:-

The forenamed stylish pair of sunglasses is brown in color with a free size that can be worn by and face shape or size. These amazing Unisex pairs are available in the best possible designs. Also, they give you an opportunity to change the frame color as and when you get bored with the previous one. Yes!! You heard it right, they are changeable frames.


The online sale on the summer sunglasses at Shopclues is available for a limited period of time, so do not miss the sale anyhow. There are large no. of brand available to be checked out. Hurry!! Up before the one you want is already taken by someone else. Make this summer a trendy summer by sporting that best pair of sunglasses by maintaining the health issues at the same time with free shipping on all Shopclues sunglasses.

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