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The ultimate bucket list of Indian trips for every traveller!

For a 20 year old, as the wanderlust tends to creeps in, it’s a feeling you cannot shake off. If you’re willing to look around there are many things and places to be explored in our country of many facets, faces , colours and cultures, and trying to pin down top experiences is virtually impossible.If you’re the kind that packs a bag with a pair of jeans and t shirts, this is…


Simple tips to buy your own wedding gowns this WEDDING season!

One should study about everything they need to know before they hit the stores to shop for THE BIG DAY! 1.Erase the emotion. If you were the girl who pinned towels in her hair to play bride, you may need extra help with this step. Pulling the emotion out of the event and remaining level-headed as you shop for your dress will help you stay within the bounds of both…


Best ways to style your boots this winter

Boots are fashion must haves for winter season. Not only they look super cool and chic, they can keep those chilly feet warm and comfortable.  Stylish women’s boots are on the lust list of every women, and this cold weather is the perfect time to flaunt them. If you are new to the world of boots and need expert help in styling them right, look no further. This post will…


Top 5 places to visit in India during the festive month of the year – DECEMBER!

What is better than the last month of the year to explore India? An amazing way to kick start new years is by traveling to an amazing new place! So, here we  present some of the best new year party getaways. These beautiful places to visit in December in India are surely going to make for a perfect holiday destination! 1. GOA Cheap beer, exotic beach-side stay, live music and…


How to get soft rosy lips this winter

Hey amazing people! Are you ready to enjoy winters? Already started pulling out jackets and cardigans and stocking up on goodies to combat winter issues? Is the nip in the air causing dryness? Winters play havoc on our delicate skin, especially on our lips. Lips turn dry and flaky, and we keep looking for easy tips to restore their softness. This post will tell you how to get soft rosy…


Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes banned, 25 things to remember: Nobody explains it like RBI;

The Modi government on Tuesday announced that it’s banning the use of Rs 500 & Rs 1,000 notes, in its fight against the corruption, fake currency & black money. As soon as the the announcement was made, the Reserve Bank of India came out with a ready reckoner on the government’s move. Here’s how the central bank explained the whole scheme in most simple terms: 1) What is this scheme?…


10 things you can do with your Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes

In a move to curb down on black money, Modi government pulls out Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes from circulation, effective midnight of November 08, 2016. In his 40-minute address first in Hindi & later in English, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes “will not be legal tender from midnight tonight” and will be “just worthless pieces of paper”. However, he said…


Top Designer Ethnic Wears for Perfect Traditional Look

Some fashion trends never go out of style. They outlive seasons & generations and become a part of our daily life. They define our ethnicity and so we call them ethnic clothes. Ethnic clothes give us a feeling of comfort, of being one with our own culture and our own people. They also depict a joyous occasion and that something special is going on. Women look quite graceful and beautiful…


Best skin care tips for a healthy glow this November

So people, November is here! And it is inevitaby accompanied by dryness and dullness. To keep your winter woes at bay, here are some top skin care tips to retain that healthy glow. This winter don’t let dehydrated skin dampen your look, instead follow this tried and tested skin care tips maintain your skin. Use a gentle cleanser The most essential skin care tip is to cleanse your skin everyday…