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Refreshing Appzie drink apt for summer

Appzie is tasty thick milk shake with different twitch flavor of fruits and apple. It not only recharge you body cells but also ride your mind to feel of freshness

Appzie. A Drink to refresh you

Look for the recipe:

For two glasses of the drink you need a glass of milk,three tablespoon of shredded dry fruits,two teaspoon of Rooh-afza,an apple chopped.
Rooh afza can be added to water, milk, ice cream, yogurt, kheer, kulfi or falooda. This syrup adds sweet and aromatic flavor to the dish. Few days back I made the milkshake with rooh afza syrup. It reminds me my childhood. My mom makes it very often during the summer. This is very healthy, cooling and refreshing summer milkshake unlike other milkshakes made using ice creams.

Rooh-afza + fruits + apple | Source 1, 2, 3


With all the ingredients above you just have to put in the juicer or a mixer.If you want your drink to be thin then you can add more milk to it.


After you are done with it then you can add chopped mint leaves and roasted flax seeds(if desired).
Appzie comes in between category of beverage and dessert. But I prefer to call it as a dessert. This is little heavy if you consider it as a beverage. And most important that you have to eat 80% falooda with spoon so I call it a dessert.

Serve cold. Source

You can straightaway drink it or you can refrigerate for about 30 minutes and drink the chilled refreshing shake.


It just takes few minutes to make this healthy drink.So what are you guys waiting for? Try it out.


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